We are a small batch coffee roaster that works to source great beans and roast them to bring out the best flavors that they contain. Bee Coffee Roasters is committed to the craft of the roasting and to the craft of the brewing. Our Baristas are always pushing their understanding and skill with the potent black brew. We hope that our passion shows through in your enjoyment.
Bee Coffee Roasters was one of the first specialty shops in Indianapolis. Eight years later, Bee continues to drive the growing coffee scene in Indianapolis.
--Joanna Thompson, BaristaMagazine.com


We believe that coffee is culinary.
We believe that everyone can brew better coffee.
We believe every bean has an ideal roast.
We believe every roast has an ideal brewing method.
We believe every brewing method has merit.
We believe espresso is art.
We believe that we will never know everything about coffee, we are always learning.